Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moltex Diaper ~ RM33/pack

**Originally packed in Germany**


S (48pcs) ~ 3-6kg


~ MOLTEX ECO nappies are unbleached and contain no TBT or brighteners. Kind on baby's skin and kind on the environment

~ MOLTEX ECO nappies have an unbleached cellulose core and have a special thin polyethylene film made from recyled plastic. Because they are unbleached, MOLTEX ECO nappies are a creamy colour

~ Conventional chlorine bleaching is used purely for aesthetic reasons. Bleaching has been proven to create a known human carcinogen-dioxin- which may be harmful to a baby's delicate and absorbent skin

~ The manufacturing process to make MOLTEX ECO is environmentally superior in comparison to other big brand disposables. In recent German tests MOLTEX ECO were voted the most eco-friendly disposable nappy, with the greenest production process.

~ MOLTEX ECO nappies offer a real alternative. Now parents can enjoy the convenience of a disposable baby nappy without worrying about the environmental effects.

Price: RM33/pack

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